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Born during a tumultuous New Jersey heat wave, suspiciously coinciding with Bruce Springsteen’s rise to power and thirty minutes of snow in the Sahara Desert, Dave exposed himself to the world, naked, as he was while writing this bio that you are now voraciously reading. His quest upon birth was clear; conquer the world through cinema and blow the hinges off the metaphysical doors to peoples’ brains. This task proved to be far more difficult than even he anticipated.

At a tender age Dave was handed a SAG card, which he misinterpreted as the proverbial key to changing the world. He lent his image to the titans of commercial industry, playing the leading boy in such epic masterpieces as “British Knights – High Tops” and “Burger King – A Christmas Carol Whopper.” It was only after lending his image to the computer game box, “Win, Lose or Draw: Home Edition”, considered by few to be his opus, that Dave became inexplicably disillusioned with being in front of the camera.

Resistant to the “industry” that molded him, Dave spiked his hair and dyed it blue. Then green. Then back to blue. A few years passed before he picked up a VHS camcorder and began recording the lives of extraordinary suburban teens. While taping his fellow compatriots jumping off of their parents’ homes in to piles of leaves he was reinvigorated with creative energy and swore an oath to pursue the quest bequeathed to him upon birth. And that is exactly what he has been doing ever since.

Dave graduated from The School of Visual Arts in 2001 and has been working professionally as a director and photographer in the commercial, television and film industry.